The Fearless

Reinfurcht is the younger of two sons to a widower.  Adalhard, the oldest is intelligent, strong, and very well liked, while Reinfurcht is a handsome retard who seems to never been able to learn anything other than speaking, not even how to fear.  One day, Father decided that he would be better off without Reinfurcht so he sent him away from home with nothing but 50 thalers and a kitchen knife to protect himself with.  Reinfurcht decided he would learn what he yearned to learn the most, how to shudder, and return to his father with pride 

Just outside the village Reinfurcht met a slender cat with a disturbing demeanor.  This cat went by the name of __________ and told Reinfurcht that he could be his could to learning to shudder.  He would go to different places, each with different hauntings to find what feared him the most. 

The first haunted place was an old bell tower in an abandoned village.  It is said that a ghost haunts the bell tower and the sight of the ghost is so disturbing that men die from fright.  The boy must stay an entire night in the old bell tower and ring the bell at midnight for the fun to start.

The second place is in the deep woods where the sun cannot shine.  The boy must survive a night in these woods as creatures close in.  The only light that he has is from the sporadic lighting caused by the rain storm.  Strange noises and shadows keep the boy awake during the night.

The next place is The Gallows, a giant tree where 7 men are hanging and it is said they come to life at night and search for flesh to eat.  The boy must stay one night and live through it.  The boy first cuts down the men because he thinks they are cold and after they are down he falls asleep.  He awakes to rustling around where he is sleeping.  One of the men is now sitting next to him.  He falls asleep again, not worried.  This continues through the first half of the night.  By midnight all seven men are around him, frozen in place.  As he closes his eyes something bites him and he bolts up, one of the men has his leg in-between his teeth.  The rest of the night is surviving men who only seem to move when he is not looking.  Morning comes and suddenly the men are back hanging on the tree, with no trace of them being awake other than the bite.

The following haunting is at an abandoned carnival.  The story is some evil has taken over this place and anyone who ventures in disappears only to turn up three days later as a demented carnie.  The boy must not only spend the night but he must try to find out what happens at this dark place.  The whole night carnies appear from seemingly nowhere and Reinfurcht must fend them off or hide if he cannot.  As he searches the carnival he finds that some demon has controlled the ringmaster and now turns innocent people into his carnie underlings.  Once Reinfurcht has stopped the rituals and slain the Ringmaster, all the carnies turn human again and the sun suddenly shines through an eternal darkness and the boy can continue his journey.

The final haunting is a three day venture.  The Wilhelm Castle is an ancient castle that is said to be the most terrifying place in the entire world.  By now the boy’s fearlessness is heard about for miles around the nearby king has offered him his daughter for the boy to marry if he can survive the three nights and break the castles curse.

               First night.  Two strange cats with dark red eyes appear from a dark corner as the boy is trying to warm himself at the fire.  The convince him to go into a closed off and blocked room.  Once in a horde of demon animals attack him and he must survive the coming demon storm by hiding throughout the castle and picking which fight he can manage and which to run.

               Second Night.  The boy decides to not listen to any animals other than his trusty cat. He tries to sleep in the bed that has suddenly appeared in the room he was using.  The boy must try to survive the ride the bed takes him on to shake him off.  The bed drops him outside and the door locks.  Near the nearby pond is a brick oven that the boy decides to use for heat.  As soon as the oven is lit and the booy is comfortable, swamp creatures rise from the pond and now the boy must survive the waves of swamp creatures by either running or fighting.  Once all the swamp people are either dead or have wandered off the sun starts to rise.

               Third night.  This is the final night, the night that if survived will break the curse that is upon the castle.  The night starts off calm with a few bumps in the night but as the clock strikes twelve the boy decides to investigate some of the louder sounds.  While searching the castle out of the corner of his eye he can see things moving but can never focus on them.  Doors are opening and closing.  Fires are lighting and going out.  A touch will be felt every once in a while.  Suddenly the activity gets intense as the boy is thrown down stairs by unseen forces.  As he gets up furniture is thrown through the air at him.  Violent activities like these happen to him, shoves, objects thrown, scratches, and as he reaches the room he is staying in he is dragged outside and into a blacksmith hut.  All he can see is the cat, an axe, and two anvils.  The cat transforms into an older man in a black suit with no eyes, instead there are pits of hellfire within them.  He challenges the boy to a contest, if the boy wins he breaks the curse and gets the riches, but if the man-cat wins, the boys soul is taken to hell where every torture, every fear, will be forced upon his ever living soul.  To boy wins and the castle returns to being just a castle as the man leads the boy into a secret room with three chests of gold. 


The boy has survived the third night and as promised is married to the kings daughter.  During the ceremony as the bride is walking down the aisle, the room goes pitch black.  The only light is next to his bride and is emanating from the demon man-cat.  One finger is a long blade and is directed at the brides throat.  The boy, with no fear, runs at the demon to save his bride, but the demon slits her throat before he can reach her and the boy shudders with the fear of knowing that this demon has killed his wife-to-be and will now kill him and everyone in the room.



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